What We Are About:

We are an innovative 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to support people with disabilities and their families in choosing and creating a life for themselves within their local towns and neighborhoods.

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We respect each person’s dreams… both the dreams and goals which already exist as well as new dreams which develop.
We support people in making choices and fulfilling the personal responsibilities that comes with the power of choice.
We believe that each person has something to offer to those people who are close to them as well as to the broader communities in which they live. We celebrate the gifts that each person has to offer and work towards turning those into valuable contributions to the lives of others.
We believe in the ideals of self determination – the right all of us have, as adults, to be in charge of our own lives. We believe that people must have the opportunity to be in control of their budgets, staff, and homes.
We believe that relationships form the foundation of our lives. We support people to stay connected to those who are important to them, and we facilitate new connections as desired.
We respect the citizenship of each person for whom we work. We seek to support them as fully participating members of the communities they choose to live in.

supporting living  in nj

Since we began, we have worked for people, one at a time, supporting them to establish the life they want to live. We partner with people and those who love them, as they learn how to plan for their future, establish a home for themselves; recruit, hire, and manage personal assistants; and establish a valued presence in the communities where they have chosen to live and work.
To find out more about what we’re doing, contact:

Sandi Cooper
Executive Director
T:   (908) 581-3998

NJ Support Coordination

We support people in discovering and utilizing resources. We facilitate planning how people can use what is available to establish the life they want to live. Individuals who are on the Division of Developmental Disabilities Priority Waiting List, and who are eligible for the Community Care Waiver, are offered the option for self-direction known as Real Life Choices. Once people are eligible, they can contact us to support their effort.
For more information contact:

Cherry Oakley
Executive Director
T:   609-275-0606